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Suggested Links
Site NameSite URLGames Suported
A Ludophile's D&D CornerClick here to visitAD&D (1st edition), OD&D, D&D 
A Paladin in the BagClick here to visitAD&D (1st edition), OD&D 
ADnD DownloadsClick here to visitAD&D, D&D 3rd Edition 
Awakening ForumsClick here to visitWe are an FREE online text based role-play organisation dedicated to allow players to play games via our powerful forums set-up especially for your experience. We also support all systems 
Back In PrintClick here to visit1E and 2E AD&D as well as BD&D. 
Barrataria's gamesClick here to visitB/X D&D; AD&D; Generic Fantasy RPG 
Beyond HeroesClick here to visit1st and 2nd edition AD&D for heroic roleplaying of all eras  
CrestarClick here to visitFirst edition AD&D, but the maps can be used with most similar rpgs 
Crusader KnightsClick here to visitA Free fantasy / Medieval browser based game set in the time of Lord, Ladies, Knights, Crusades, War and Adventure ! 
Dead Games SocietyClick here to visitAD&D, Classic D&D, and many others. We do play by post, send out fan modules, etc. 
DnDDomainClick here to visitAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons 
Doomsday Message BoardClick here to visitA set of forums for First Edition AD&D, and the World Of Greyhawk in particular. 
Dungeons and Dragons HQClick here to visitA large resource for anything D&D 
First EditionDNDClick here to visit1E AD&D 
Lejendary AdventureClick here to visitLejendary Adventure FRPG 
LoreWeaverClick here to visitD&D, AD&D, d20, FUDGE, 3dRPG 
Mark's RPG resourcesClick here to visitA site with handy RPG resources, in particular a great DMs tool (AD&D Assistant) 
Mayhem GamingClick here to visitMayhem Gaming is a free online gaming RPG community that supports any RPG games including 1e, 2e, 3.5, PF and 4e D&D, NWoD, d20 modern, BFRPG and many others.  
Mike's Magical MenagerieClick here to visitBasic through Immortal D&D, 1E AD&D, and 2E AD&D PS the Dragonsfoot Banner is on the "Sloth's AD&D Game Aides" page. 
Mystara.frClick here to visitDnD (Mystara setting) 
NIemz RealmClick here to visitAD&D 2nd edition 
Nottingham AD&DClick here to visitAD&D, Rolemaster and other such games, but mainly AD&D 1E and 2E. 
OD&D DiscussionClick here to visitMostly OD&D, but sections on old TSR games (like Metamorphosis Alpha and Boot Hill) as well as some of the clones (S&W, AS&SH, etc.) 
OOP Gamers Guild of HoustonClick here to visitAll out of print gaming, especially 1st ed AD&D and 2nd ed GW 
Pardillion EnterprisesClick here to visitPen & Paper RPG's, D&D, AD&D, 1e 
Pennyfew PaintingClick here to visitAD&D, Basic D&D 
PrimEvil StudiosClick here to visitA miniatures painting service catering to Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Military gamers. 
RPG Free ListClick here to visitIndirect support of 'free' pen-n-paper games offered around mainly the internet. 
Sir Beef's AD&D pageClick here to visitAD&D 
Strolen's CitadelClick here to visitSystem Independent Resource 
TexiconClick here to visitTexicon supports all aspects of role playing, with the exception of LARP. We focus on AD&D 2nd Ed, Ravenloft 2nd Ed., Villains and Vigilantes, Pathfinder, PtME (Press The Minds Eye), Shadowrun 3rd Ed, Mechwarrior, Dr. Who, D20 Future, LFR (Living Forgotte 
THAC0 DragonClick here to visit2E AD&D: Unofficial 'Version 2.6' rules, character classes, spells, magic, monsters, and more. 
THAC0 Dragon AdventuresClick here to visitAdventure site to the THAC0 Dragon 2E main page 
The Delver's DungeonClick here to visitFirst Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 
The Grognards TavernClick here to visitA forum focused on TSR games through AD&D 2e, with an emphasis on Gygaxiana (including his post-TSR work). The forum also has ongoing collaborative module work. 
The InnClick here to visitClassic D&D and 1e/2e AD&D, plus play-by-posts games. 
The Knights & Knaves AlehouseClick here to visitAn old school forum for the discussion of OD&D and First Edition AD&D 
Threshold Party HomepageClick here to visitA campaign journal based in the OD&D Mystara setting 
Tome of TreasuresClick here to visitAD&D, D&D, OD&D as well as all other RPG game systems and products. 
World of MelnClick here to visitCampaign world for any fantasy role playing system. 
YoreconClick here to visitCome spend a fun filled weekend learning about original gaming systems both old and new. 
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